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It's all about the experience

We are a small Husband and Wife run site, catering for people looking for fun, adrenaline filled outdoor adventure in a safe environment.

We must be doing something right as up to 75% of our business is repeat business and the bulk of new business is from personal recommendations. Started in 1989, we now have 34 years of experience in running a cracking day out of paintball and 18 years of running exhilarating outdoor laser combat games for our clients here at Morwelldown Plantation.

We have 200+ 5* reviews and 3,400+ likes on our Facebook page.

 Come on down and find out for yourself why our players regard us as the best paintball and outdoor laser tag site in the Southwest.

Telephone 01822 615964 or email [email protected] to book or enquire


The site is set in a 125 acre wood between Tavistock and Morwellham Quay in West Devon.

The majority of the trees are conifers with a smattering of deciduous here and there. The great thing about this is that there is not too much mud around as most game areas are covered in a blanket of pine needles. Set on a hilltop, drainage is good. Apart from Cheeseburger Slope, most of the terrain is relatively flat.

The sheer size of the wood has enabled us to pick and choose certain areas for specific games such as Cheeseburger Slope. The admin building provides good shelter and ample seating.

For our paintball players we have four proper safe zones around the site for them to relax safely once they are out of a game and also to pop into during a game if they need a demist, although this is rarely required as our goggles have thermal lenses.


We are constantly improving and adding features in our game areas keeping us well ahead of any competition in the one can match our variety of games and number of decent structures in our games.



2 Hour Laser Combat session
  • Adults £20pp(2024)
  • Children £19pp(2024)

We need 10 players to get a game going. Minimum 20 players for an exclusive game. Groups of less than 10 players can be linked in to games where and when we have spaces available.

You do not have to hold back on pulling that trigger for fear of running up a large bill as there is no charge for ammo!

Rather than charging a higher price and then offering deals for bigger groups we always offer our best price to all our players so they are the same per person whether you have 6 or 20 players. Everyone wins!!

Arrive 30 minutes before game  for  admin/kitting up/briefing

 Clean laundered Camo overalls and hat/headband provided

The only extras you may want are smoke grenades(adults only)

Please contact us for timings and availability. Advance bookings only.
Minimum age 8. Under 18's must be accompanied by a responsible adult either spectating or joining in the fun(min. 1 per group)

Booking and Payments

To book your Paintball/Laser Combat game, telephone/email/Facebook message us stating the date you wish to play and the number of players in your group.

To confirm and secure the reservation, a deposit of £10 per player (or £70 for a kid's laser game) is required asap. The balance will be payable on arrival on the day of play. Please note that deposits are non-refundable.

No deposits - No game

You can pay the deposit by:

Bank transfer

Contact us for bank details


Contact us to arrange a meeting

The balance and extras will be payable in cash only on the day of play. Due to poor mobile reception on site we cannot guarantee to be able to run a card machine so we are unable to offer this method of payment .

ADVANCE BOOKINGS ONLY..You cannot just turn up and play

Paintball Prices

We need 10 players to get a game going.
Maximum 18 players. Minimum 16 players for an exclusive paintball game.


  • 10.00am-2.00pm,  on site 9.15-9.30am
  • 500 paintball package £35 per player
  • average 500-600 paintballs used

Included in the packages: Camouflage overalls, mesh hood, mask, ammo pouches and pots. Free Tea/Coffee.

Full DAY game

  • 10.00am-4.00pm(Dec/Jan), on site 9.15-9.30am
  • 500 paintball package £38 per player
  • average 600-800 paintballs used

Included in the package: Camouflage overalls, mesh hood, mask, ammo pouches and pots . Free Tea/Coffee.

Bring a packed lunch...paintballing is hungry work.

  • £8 per bag of 100 paintballs
  • £30 per bag of 500 paintballs(6p per ball)
  • ring pull Smoke Grenades £6 each
  • Half finger armoured glove hire £1

 Only paintballs and grenades purchased from Wargame Company Tavistock to be used.

 Minimum age for paintball is strictly 14 years of age. under 18's must be accompanied by at least 1 responsible adult per group.

Who can play

Laser Combat: Age 8+              Paintball: Age 14+

Any under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult(Min. 1 per group). You will need to have a basic level of fitness to play paintball or Laser Combat and wish to spend a day participating in what will certainly be the most stimulating game you are ever likely to have played. If bruising or physical exertion could result in a medical problem (skin conditions, heart/respiratory problems etc), these games may not be for you.

There is always a trained first aider on site.

We always like hearing from you, whether its a question about our Paintball games, Outdoor Laser Combat, our paintball safety, or any other matter. If you can't find what you're looking for on our website please feel free to contact us.

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