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Fantastic setting for my daughter's 11th birthday party. Hosts were brilliant and helpful. Such good fun for children and adults. Would highly recommend to anyone Thank you War Game co. _ kids comments were "best party ever".

Matthew T (Plymouth) 18 February 2018

This place is amazing! Great for kids and BIG KIDS!! We had our 9 year olds party here and it was excellent. Staff are really great and really encouraging. Highly recommend x

Rachel A (Bere Alston) 3rd March 2018

Thank you Wargame Company, Toby had an AMAZING birthday and we all had such great fun. Love the photos, they will remind us of a great, action packed day :)

Leticia A (Plymouth) 14th August 2015

Brilliant fun 👍🏼 Had son’s 10th birthday there yesterday with ages 8 to 13 but all the parents would have liked to play too! Friendly staff, excellent setting, highly recommend

Kellie S (PLYMPTON) 28th May 2018

Highly recommend! My son came here with 8 mates & 3 'grown ups' for his 9th birthday party & he completely loved every second!! So friendly & fun, I honestly couldn't have asked for more, thank you so much! We'll be back again... Grown up paintball next haha x

Kamy P (Pensilva) 15.5.2016

Amazing! Superbly well run, super patient with our kids (we had 7 8-12 year olds and 2 big kids), very safety conscious and they couldn't do enough for our little group to ensure we had fun. All in all a terrific day of laser combat!! A++++

Andy B (Plymouth) 19.5.2019

There are no projectiles being fired at you, instead, an eye safe infra red beam is used.

This is a great FUN way of "playing soldiers" in the woods without being hit by a projectile. With no charge for ammo you can blast away as much as you want. The 2 most common comments we hear from our players..youngsters "Best Party Ever" ..adults "I haven't laughed so much in years"

Price packages

You do not have to hold back on pulling that trigger for fear of running up a large bill! Rather than charging a higher price and then offering deals for bigger groups we always offer our best price to all our players so they are the same per person whether you have 6 or 20 players. Everyone wins!!

2 Hour Laser Combat session
  • Adults £20pp
  • Children £19pp

.. arrive 30 minutes before game  for  admin/kitting up/briefing

 Clean laundered Camo overalls and hat provided

The only extras you may want are smoke grenades(adults only)

Please contact us for timings and availability. Advance bookings only.
Minimum age 8. Under 18's must be accompanied by a responsible adult (Min. 1 per group)


You get more than one life per game.

You have 5 lives at a time.

Depending on the mission, your team may have unlimited respawns or only a certain number. On a hardcore team elimination game there are no respawns. Sound familiar FPS multiplayers?

The laser guns are accurate at long range (100m+)

If you can see them you can shoot them. . Range and accuracy far exceeds anything in paintball and airsoft.

Hits are instant

No disputes about whether you have been hit or not. When your laser gun sensors are hit by the beam your laser gun lets out a loud arghh!! Letting you and everybody around know you are shot. You also know instantly when you shoot an enemy player.

You are so much more aware of your surroundings

Because you do not need a mask and hood for safety, you can hear and see more than paintball players can. No Goggles all covered in paint or steaming up.......brilliant!!!

WE use S.A.T.R.(small arms transmit receive) technology in our guns WHICH GIVES PLAYERS INSTANT HIT FEEDBACK as they shoot(you know when you are on target). we are the only site to offer this advanced kit in the W.Devon/Plymouth/e.Cornwall area...don't settle for a lesser experience


We need 10 players to get a game going, smaller groups can be fitted in where we have games already booked in.


Minimum of 20 players for an exclusive game.


Maximum 50 players (30 U12s)



1-2 rifles per team fitted with 4x40mm telescopic sights

Semi auto and full automatic fire capability, 30 round magazine


Red dot sight for fast target acquisition

Full auto only, 100 round magazine

Both weapons suitable for left and right handed use



Semi auto and full automatic fire capability

Red dot sight for fast target acquisition

Suitable for left and right handed use

30 round magazine


The Wargame Company Gamezone
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